87 sleeps to xmas

Vodka Bears

And I still haven’t started making things yet. Some of the things I plan to make will take some time, especially if wool is involved. Last year I decided that rather than inflict Boots smellies on friends and family, who hadn’t made specific requests, that I would force them all to suffer through my home-made gifts. They were primarily alcohol and crochet related. Toffee Vodka   ( Werthers originals ) Cranberry Gin ( Craisins & fresh Cranberries ) Red Hots Vodka ( Experimental Cinnamon flavoured. Very Sticky ) Dressing up things for small people ( aprons, shopping bags, fluffy skirts ) Various Crocheted things. fingerless mittens. hats. mug copies Vodka Gummy Bears ( see pic to left ) Out of those things, the cranberry gin, toffee vodka, and Vodka Gummy bears were the most popular. I am now searching Pinterest with interest to determine whats popular this year, wondering where … Continue reading